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Our Top WordPress Page Builder & Theme 2018

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Best WordPress Page Builder & Theme August 2018

We have spent a fair amount of time investigating the most modern web design trends and testing the top web page builders & themes on the market.

Our platform of choice is WordPress which is the most widely used content management system (CMS) out there. Whilst WordPress already has a lot of built-in functionality, this can be greatly extended by using a quality WordPress page builder.

Many themes now days come with their own customized page builders. Each has their own advantages and disadvantages. In the post, we wont go into a detailed comparison of them all but will rather identify them.

Top for a WordPress Page Builder – August 2018: Elementor

Considered the #1 WordPress Page Builder with over one million users. This is one of those tools where you really want to follow the crowd because it ensures that you are using a product that gets actively updated. This is very important in the world of software technology where it’s very difficult to keep up with the pace of the latest design and development trends.

Top choice for a WordPress Themes – August 2018: Crocoblock-Kava-Pro

The reason we love this theme: It’s really not just a theme! Crocoblock gives you everything that you need to create an advanced, stylish, WordPress website fast. With highly polished templates that use some of the cleanest and freshest layouts, as well as, a set of premium WordPress plugins.

Top choice for a WordPress Agency Bundle – August 2018: Astra Pro

Astra theme has both a free and premium version and is specifically designed to work well with page builders such as Elementor. The real value is offered with their agency bundles which come with additional plugins.

The plugins not only are perfectly suited to the theme, but they are also specifically designed for Elementor. This gives a web developer a potent set of tools to create unique websites and modern design.

Crocoblocks offers a subscription model or lifetime package which is well worth it in the event that you will be building more than one website.