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About Us

We are a multi-disciplinary internet marketing company that leverages digital technologies with a focus on continuous improvement and rapid return on investment.

Experience Digital Applied

We’re a creative agency that shares a passion for creating
digital experiences that generate greater results.

Our Methodology

Consulting and service businesses all have a methodology. These are approaches used to tackle challenges, problems, or manage the entire relationship with a customer.

Methodologies are important because they transfer the knowledge, skills, tools and experience from the consulting company to the client company in a structured manner, in order to establish a high probability of achieving beneficial outcomes.

We have a 4 step approach. Audit, Analyze, Advise and Amplify. Here’s a snapshot of what it’s about.


The first step is to audit your current status and your competitive landscape. Online marketing activities involve numerous partners, mediums, methods and cut across multiple departments from support to sales. We collect data from your marketing efforts (or lack of efforts) as well as your competitor’s.

We conduct research to confirm findings and establish baselines. An accurate picture of your current situation, your competitor’s situation, your strategies and performance allows us to identify areas for improvement.The audit gets everything in line for in-depth analysis.


Using the data collected during the audit, Digital Applied does in-depth analysis of the targets of opportunity uncovered in the Audit stage. We take all data into account from the rankings of potential keywords to your top competitor’s PPC budget. We identify opportunities for growth that you may be missing or losing to a competitor.

Using a variety of tools, we deconstruct and reconstruct your online marketing program, analyze your competitor’s tactics, and develop your conversion process.


When we advise you, we translate our analyses into your language. Here we present you with how to take advantage of opportunities that we have uncovered specifically for your company. We reveal our strategy on where and how to target your leads/sales and improve conversion rates.

We deliver our recommended course of action for growth along with a discussion of how we arrived at our conclusions. The advantages of our course of action are always clearly outlined and backed up by data.


We get your message out louder, stronger, more clearly and more efficiently. We show you a projection of how we believe our recommended course of action will amplify your business, and not only in the traditional marketing sense of growing brand awareness and generating leads. We also present how amplifying your message can result in tangible gains.

When you amplify through us, you see results across multiple business functions in sales and marketing alike. We demonstrate how our strategy generates qualified leads, multiplies revenue and decreases your cost per acquisition over time.

Agile Marketing Strategies

Grounded in your business goals, we begin by planning, performing a digital health checkup, and building a high level digital strategy. We collectively identify high value initiatives, define the digital campaigns and help bring agility in marketing your business.

Metrics-Driven Formulas

We know you want leads through your digital initiatives, so we focus on attracting qualified traffic that will convert whether that is a form fill, live chat, phone calls, email subscription, or ecommerce purchase. We define the right key performance indicators (KPIs) that are important to your business, web analytics data to track and align digital strategy to improve results.

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The unified brand experience.

Lean, interdisciplinary teams work in close collaboration with clients, helping them to solve their user’s biggest problems. Our user-centric, data-driven approach focuses on creating a seamless experience across

all digital, physical and communications touchpoints. This unified brand experience results in a much more consistent, impactful, and valuable relationship with the user.

Comprehensive Services

A complete end to end partner for digital marketing, CRM customization and implementation to grow your business.

Forward Thinking

Designing processes with simplicity in mind, creating employee and customer experiences that matter.

Solution Architects

Every business faces challenges, we take a systematic approach to problem-solving.

Automation & Integration

We implementing technologies that integrate with your current infrastructure greatly increasing efficiencies.

Richard Gibbons

Founder & CEO

I am a Digital Marketer, web developer, and small business owner currently living in Slovakia. My interests range from technology to entrepreneurship. I am also interested in automation, innovation, and design.

What I Do
  • Business Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Process Improvement
  • Lead Generation
  • CRM Systems
  • Web / SEO
  • Analytics
  • Branding & Identity

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