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Improving Reliability and Trustworthiness with Third Party Reviews

How do you earn the trust of B2B buyers? It’s not an easy task, but there are a lot of approaches you can take. Businesses have to be creative and savvy in order to cut through the noise. New tactics are emerging. For instance, take personalization. This used to be a more B2C tactic, but it’s expanded to other areas. This means more than just including a name in the header of your email. Rather, a business should collect and leverage data in order to produce content that is more pertinent to its target audience. Similarly, there are many channels at a business’ fingertips that help to generate leads, including content marketing, email marketing, PPC, SEO, and social media. These individual strategies are certainly effective but work best if they’re integrated.

As a full-service digital marketing agency, we’re always tracking the evolution of the B2B marketing space. We recommend innovative and creative strategies to the businesses we support, and take an integrated approach. Understanding the full customer journey and how each channel connects to the other is what continues to set our agency apart from others.

We’ve taken efforts to highlight our services and partnerships a step further by creating a profile on, a ratings and reviews platform. This D.C.-based market research firm evaluates and ranks service providers in the B2B space, organizing the plethora of information on the web for business buyers. Central to their process is online reviews. Clutch features 620 firms that specialize in Google Adwords campaigns alone, and 9,000+ marketing and advertising agencies overall!

Studies show that 53% of buyers rely on peer recommendations before they make purchase decisions.

For our own clients, we stress the importance of reviews and online reputation management, but they’re also central to the growth of our own agency. Our reviews on Clutch will help us improve our reputation in the industry and instil trust in prospective buyers – worldwide.  The struggle to identify an SEO agency that is reliable and delivers on its promises is well known, but reviews ease this vetting process. We’re excited by the feedback Digital Applied has received so far, which can be read in full on our Clutch profile. Below are a few standout remarks:

“I know I can trust the team at Digital Applied to respond promptly and deliver their work.” – Agent, Sylvia Gibbons Properties

“The digital strategy they have created has been very successful.” – Director, Biddulphs International

Overall, our reviews show that we deliver on our promises and provide successful results. With a presence on Clutch, we can expand our reach, and offer our universally needed services to businesses in Slovakia and beyond. We’re grateful to Clutch for connecting with our clients to produce comprehensive reviews, and of course, to our partners, for their continued loyalty and positive feedback! We look forward to making even more strides in the last months of 2018 and in the new year!